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the evening is spread out against the sky

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☆ she dreams of stars 001;
herlonelystar wrote in onepassingnight
At a glance, this just seems to be a normal and peaceful dream. The sky is a bright blue color that seems to expand on forever. The green grass sways with a gently and comforting wind that passes through and the sound of water flowing through the creeks adds to the music that nature has created. There are trees off in the distance. The huge canopy of green is held up by the strong brown trunks and it casts a shadow to cool yourself from.

But something is amiss. ... There's something not right with this dream.

Upon further inspection, you notice that the grass is in fact not grass. It's long tubes of green pixie stix that you can pluck from the ground and devour. The water is actually blue kool-aid and the rocks around it are upside down cups you can scoop the liquid and drink. The tree trunks are actually made of chocolate that never melts holding up text book leaves that sway back and forth, flipping pages of college material that may or may not have to do with science and math.

...what the heck kind of dream is this? And where is the dreamer?

Where you appear in her dream doesn't seem to harbor any clues but if you search you'll sure find her. Perhaps she's laying in the field of wheat and mint staring at the sky or maybe she's under a tree munching on some chocolate and reading a book she may have plucked from a tree. But somewhere in this dream scape, she is alone. In this dream of childish whims and light, she keeps to herself. No one to talk to or to keep her company.

Will you be the one to relieve her loneliness?

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Dreams like this aren't exactly new to him, though it's been so long since he's had one that he'd forgotten about them. It comes back to him now as he wanders aimlessly along, sword in it's holster against his back and it makes him smile, just a little, to himself.

He was a lot younger then. Training and studying desperately to be in SOLDIER. Not that there was a lot of book learning that went into that but there was some and he'd felt so hopelessly behind being from a backwater town with minimum education he hadn't paid as much attention to as he should have anyway.

He can't remember the amount of times he fell asleep with his face smashed into a book...

The food was because, by any standards, the crap they fed the grunts in the army sucked.

He remembers being determined. And hungry.

And homesick...

The spot of pale blond comes into view eventually and he angles that way out of curiosity before he ever recognizes who it belongs to, his steps slow and mild. When he does see who it is though, his lips soften a bit and his shoulders relax the slightest bit. He says her name so that he won't startle her.]


[ Usagi lays flat in a large patch of pixie stix grass. Some of her hair is held up because she had so unceremoniously flopped backwards to stare up into the sky. The sun shines brightly in her face and she's not sure how long it is she's laying there letting the sun soak into her pale skin and feeling the breeze brush past her nose and ruffling her bangs. Still, it feels a lot nicer to just relax than to let her brain explode from all the extra numbers and formulas involved.

No, for the time being she wanted nothing to do with studying. Nothing at all! She deserved a break. Spending most of the time at the coffee shop and then a few hours before she was supposed to curl up in bed studying called for it.

Stretching her arms up into the air above her, she lets her hands open up so the sunlight can filter through her fingertips. It obscures her vision so that she doesn't see the figure of Cloud walking towards her and it's only when he calls her name that she pulls her hand to the side to see him looking down on her.

..... Cloud! Hi!

[ It was a face she hadn't expected to see, but it's clear with how her eyes sparkle and the smile widens on her face that she's very glad to see him. So glad in fact that she's sitting up in a split second from that comfortable spot in the candy grass. ]

[the slightly shy smile grows just a little more. She looks so peaceful and happy, like she belongs in a vibrant world and her cheerful greeting lets him belong, at least for a little while, here as well. It's good to see her again and he's surprised by how it makes his chest feel a little lighter. He walks over to stand next to her, body shifted to block out the sun so it doesn't shine in her eyes.

Somehow the only thing that makes sense to ask is:]

This is yours?

[and it's the whole world around them he's referring to.]


[ At first, Usagi's not sure what he refers to and she's curiously looking around the area trying to see. But, when she looks back up to him she, somehow it sinks in what his true meaning is behind the question. All she can do is laugh softly and scratch the back of her head before answering.

Yeah.. it's mine.

[ She stands soon enough and dusts off a bit of sugar from her clothes, accidentally leaving a few 'blades' of candy grass in her hair to face Cloud fully. It's now as she's standing that she can properly greet him with a hug. One that seems to convey happiness and perhaps a bit of relief that he's there. ]

It's so good to see you!

the hug is -

that's -

well, okay. He wasn't expecting that.

...but he does understand the emotion behind it and so very slowly his body relaxes from the automatic tension it had snapped into at the unexpected touch. Her hug... it's with the pure 'just because' of a child, no strings or ulterior reasons. And so he can respond to it the same way. Or... kind of the same way. So she gets awkward hands on her slender shoulders, gloved fingers curling in a gentle squeeze. He -

the hug feels kind of nice...

so the smile comes back even if his cheeks are a little bit pinker than usual and he makes a soft sound in his throat, a hum that signals his pleasure. Gentle, he picks one of the 'stems' out of her hair and, perhaps, now that he's starting to recover from the surprise, there's just a little bit of teasing in his voice as he asks:]

Miss me?

I did, I did!

[ She's seriously such a child some times. Back in the day, her hugs and cuddles were usually surprise attacks but there was no denying that she loved affection. Usagi loved showing it and giving it like she did eating and breathing.

By the time Usagi noticed that he had tensed up, he was already on his way to relaxing and that small moment of worry that she may have moved too fast for friends falls away like dandelion puffs in the wind. It's been so long since she's been this open with her feelings that perhaps she's forgotten where some boundaries are, but she's sure he'll tell her or do something to voice out if he was feeling uncomfortable. So she squeezes him briefly, just happy that she can do this.

I didn't know you'd be here!

[ But, even if she knew, the only thing she'd really do is gather up some food from the scenery around them and have it set up... assuming she didn't trip over herself and get it everywhere. ]

[her open enthusiasm has him relaxing the rest of the way and one of his hands comes up to cup the back of her head. She really is like a little kid with her affection, so open and honest, and that... that he can respond to without feeling awkward or inhibited. He has a soft spot of children and part of it's their size and their need for someone to watch over them but a lot of it is that he never feels as if they've got expectations of him the way adults do. There are layers and innuendo and subtext in adult relationships and he's...

He fails at those pretty hard.

With children though it's simply that they're happy you're there and that's enough. That's all you have to do and all they want from you. And - most of the time... he can kind of do that. So when she squeezes he feels a bit like Marlene's giant chocobo doll and it knocks a soft sound that might have once been a chuckle past his sealed lips. His smile's small but easy as he looks down at the top of the blond head against him.

He hasn't been home in three days now so he's not going to tell you how much he's been needing a hug, Usagi.]

I didn't either. I'm glad though. Even if it is a little... sweet.

the series has her at at 4'11? she's prolly a little taller since she's older so 5'1?

Isn't it great?!

[ Usagi never asks for more than love, kindness and trust. In any shape or form, she'll accept it completely and treasure it. But, she's patient in that regard because trust is something that isn't easily given from some individuals. But, in this situation, she knows that Cloud is a good person. She can feel it in her soul that he is, so she's alright with showering him with hugs and affection.

It warms her heart when she hears him make that content laced noise and she has to look up finally so she can stare up at him, cheeks flushed with excitement.

Well, okay, I'd like this place better if it didn't have books, but there are so many different things to snack on!

[ She then starts going down the list of different things she's tried in this delicious dream scape of hers. From the grass to grape flavored violets right down to the chocolate bark. But then something hits Usagi as she's describing the blossoms of a wisteria plant that sprinkle powdered sugar. Something that's very important in her mind. ]

Are you hungry? I can find you something to eat or drink, if you want!

Cloud can now feel manly at a towering 5'7"!

[the smile never seems to quite fade on his lips and he's a little surprised by that. It's impossible not to though and so he doesn't try to hide it, quiet though it is, as she beams up at him. Her enthusiasm is hard not to get caught in.

Still with the quiet smile, hand on her shoulder now because she still hasn't let go of him and he hasn't made any move to change that, he listens as she starts to list off the 'food' she's sampled around and he's amazed she's not sick to her stomach yet. Just... wow. That's a lot of sugar.


which might explain some of her boundless energy...

He question though has him blinking a little in surprise before the smile actually spreads a little.]

I'm good. Tifa put some sandwiches in with my gear before I left this morning.

It's okay! Everyone always towers over Usagi in canon :( She's used to it!


[ For a moment, she sounds disappointed. If it's one thing, it's that Usagi likes to share the sugary goodness assuming that there is enough. But that disappointment is very short lived and soon she's smiling brightly as normal. ]

Well, okay!

[ Well, she's held onto Cloud long enough and not chancing the risk that he'll finally grow tired of her draping herself over him, she finally loosens her grip on him and pulls her arms to her sides. Still, she's got her head tilted up back far enough so she can still look up at him as best she can for her tiny size.

He looks happy. She likes that he's smiling and is content with smiling along side with him in the world of candy and color.

Who's Tifa? Is it a girl? Is she your girlfriend?

'towering' is going to be new to Cloud. lol He'll like it :)

[he catches the disappointment and his face shifts just a little, eyes sharpening as he watches her closer. It's not that he doesn't want to eat with her but more that the high concentration of nothing but sugar in the area would have him vibrating like an electric razor if too much of it hit his system. He's not used to that much refined sugar. His hands linger on her shoulders for a minute before he lets go too.]

I wouldn't mind a drink.

[it's a soft suggestion because it's not his nature to ask for anything. But... he's always thirsty. Mentally at least he's never quite gotten over the dehydration of being mako feverish and dragging himself and Zack's sword through the endless desert to reach Midgar all those years ago. All his time on dusty roads at Fenrir's insane speeds usually just compounds that. Her next question has him blinking though and there's a small but obvious jerk that goes through him at the word 'girlfriend'.]

ah -

[his brows come down and the more he tries to figure out how to explain it the more color gradually flushes over his cheeks. He doesn't think... ]

She's my... She and I -

[he inhales a short breath and scowls at the horizon. What does he even have a right to call Tifa in relation to him anymore. It's even more complex now than it was when Aerith asked him the same question all those years ago. His shoulders seem to sag inward just the smallest bit. He doesn't usually share personal information with strangers. Except - Usagi's not a stranger and her open wholeheartness is triggering the part of him that always needs to be straightforward around that kind of personality. Usually it's only children that do that and so he doesn't have to worry about qualifying questions like this...]

She's my best friend. We're... trying to make things work but I -

[his hand clenches at his side and his chin comes down as his boots shift. ]

I think I'm messing things up. I know I am. I'm just - not doing it right.

/pictures Usagi trying to jump up and mess with the spikes on his hair because he's so tall

[ Oh. Oh? Oho~

Grinning mischievously, Usagi can only tap her lips in thought as he goes through the flustered motions of trying to describe what kind of person this Tifa is to him. He's hilariously adorable the way he's shifting around, stuttering over his words and blushing while he tries to gather himself.

She might very well have a new pass time when the moment is open to her.

Usagi doesn't say much else because he seems embarrassed enough as is until he finally can say the things that he wants to say about his situation. Any plots for teasing fade away as she listens.. truly listens about the thing that's bothering him.

You told me she packed you food before you left, right? Does she do any other little things for you when you're around or when she knows you're coming back?

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LOL!! not the hair, Usagi!!

[he feels vaguely as if he should be waiting for a scolding and so his chin tucks a little more as if Usagi, simply by being female, can already tell just how badly he fails at his relationship attempt. At her question, his brows pinch a little toward the middle and he rubs self-consciously at the back of his neck.]

She always takes care of me. It's what she does.

[even when he's a drooling vegetable in a wheelchair with no hope of recovery. He doesn't doubt her devotion for a second. It's...]

It's me. I'm the problem.

[again... still.]

but.. but.. it looks like so much fun to mess with ;A;

[ Ah love. She knew the form that he was displaying very well and it reminds her of her own love for a moment. Usagi remembers how she would never doubt the love of Mamoru but would always beat herself up or think that perhaps it might be better if he didn't suffer for her sake..

Shaking her head briefly, she just gives him a small smile, sympathetic to his feelings that had mirrored her own at one point.

Have you tried talking to her, Cloud? If there's something she has a problem with, you could try talking it out.

oh... it is. It SO is >:)

[eyes more vulnerable than he'd like to know, lift to look at her. Talk?

that's... that's pretty funny. In a not kind of funny at all way. His ability to express things emotionally shrivels up and disappears on him when it's something really important. He always forgets everything he'd meant to say. And worse...

His eyes say it even if he won't.

What if Tifa's problem is - him?

Because she'd never tell him that and since she's not talking to him about it, maybe that's what it really is. And somehow, he thinks he'd rather not know for sure and still be able to hope - than know it for sure. He knows he messes up - but if Tifa, out of all the world, gives up on him...]

Can't I - buy her flowers or something instead?

[ooc. he's so dear Abbey'ing her right now. She should never have asked lol]

[ She sees the look in his eyes as he tries to put his feelings into words. He's confused and ... she won't vocally say it, but it's cute that he's so nervous and tongue tied about the whole situation.

Still, Usagi can't bring herself to tease him. It wouldn't be right to make fun of him when he-- oh who was she kidding.

If Fenrir had a flat tire, would you just put some tape on it and then start driving again?

[ Okay, joking aside she shakes her head. ]

Flowers work.. but it's just a temporary fix. If you really feel that there's a problem then talking it out is.. really the only way you can work something out.

[ Slowly, she reaches up and then with a finger out, pokes Cloud in the chest, specifically where his heart is supposed to be. ]

Matters of the heart are really fragile and you can't just expect material items to fix it. Only genuine words and actions can do it.

(ooc: It's up to Usagi to help her friends! *DETERMINED FIST SHAKE IS DETERMINED* and matters of the heart are what she helps with best!)

[the question about Fenrir has his brows coming down both in confusion at the sudden shift of topic as well as a scowl at the idea of risking Fenrir's suspension like that. Her next words explain not only what she means but that he's good at missing the point of things and his chin ducks to watch as her finger pokes him. She...

she reminds him of Yuffie. On those rare times when Yuffie's actually being insightful and serious and right. His head sinks and he shifts on his feet in front of her, an awkward, self-conscious move. He hates the space that's grown up between him and Tifa but he doesn't know how to change it. It's so much easier to just keep doing what they're doing. What if they talk... and they say things they shouldn't? What if they hurt each other? What if they really do break everything this time?

What if he breaks everything?

words aren't the only way to tell someone how you feel...

It had worked once before. Except this time he thinks it's harder because - because it's more complex than the ending of the world. Lost, he rubs the back of his head again and his eyes lift under his bangs to look at the woman in front of him as he helplessly asks:]

Like... what?

[ooc. something tells me he's lucky there's not a Tifa at this game. lol Determined!Usagi is dangerous! - and freaking adorable. She needs her own dating advice radio show.]


[ For a moment, she flattens her hand on his chest, tapping it once.. twice.. before pulling it away and tucking it behind her back. Usagi just smiles gently. ]

Trust is the most important thing that can make or break a relationship.

[ Her mind thinks back to all the times she was ever jealous of Mamoru spending more time with Chibi-Usa or becoming friendly with Michiru. How every time they talked, knowing that he trusted her and she him just .. made their relationship the best.

Oh, how she missed him.

If you tell the other person how you feel.. how you truly feel then the bond between you and the other person becomes stronger. Secrets only build up the bad feelings because you're scared and confused.

[ For a moment, Usagi has this look in her eyes that almost speaks from her own experiences -- and she is. But, that look is gone after she blinks it away and focuses on the here and the now. Not the past long since gone. ]

You said she always takes care of you, and that you guys are working things out right? If that's true then she'll listen to you and she'll work with you so that everything's better.

(ooc: SHE WOULD MEDDLE. SO HARD. And now thanks to this, I'm tempted to make a dream post about Usagi on her own radio show. THANKS A BUNCH. ♥)

his ducked chin has him watching her hand against his chest and when she pulls it back his blue eyes move to her face. Cloud's never been accused of being the most observant - but he does pay attention. And so, even while he's listening to her words and storing them away because - she's a woman, right? So she'd know what another woman would want out of him. Right? She's got to have a better idea than he does, that's for sure. But he's also watching the shadows drift through her large eyes and the way her face changes.

She sounds like Tifa now with her last sentences. Together. Tifa's magic word.

But how was he supposed to even start a conversation like that?

Not ignoring her words, because they're said with experience behind them, he stores them to the side for when the time is right and focuses instead on softly asking:

Who was he?

[do it! DO IT!! LOL - it would be terrible and wonderful and terribly wonderful or wonderfully terrible. But it would be fun. Also - it's not meddling if it's for their own good!]

[ For a moment, Usagi is silent. Blue eyes widening only a little bit at his question before softening considerably. There's a smile, a very nostalgic and bittersweet smile that spreads on her lips as she raises her left hand.

A ring. Silver with a precious pink gem in the shape of a heart on the finger that counts the most.

Mamoru Chiba. My boyfriend. My Prince and the love of my life.

[ She closes her eyes and gently draws that hand to her chest and tilts her head down, taking a moment to just remember the man she had fallen so hard for; the one she had overcome so many obstacles to be with. ]

We met when I was in junior high. Actually, I hit him in the head with a bad test that I tried throwing out if you could believe it.

[ There's a small giggle that escapes Usagi's lips as she remembers that fateful day. It's a memorable day in more than just that. ]

(IT WILL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL AFTER THIS MONTH. But it will happen. Oh how it will happen. +_+ /has so many dreams lined up now it's not even funny.)

[he watched her face and her motions as much as listens to her words and - he gets it. He gets both the love and the loss and the bittersweetness of the memories. Though... if she's wearing a ring, her's are probably deeper than his. She doesn't close off though so even the pain must have been worth it to her. Awkwardly but feeling the need to, he'll rest a hand lightly on top of her bowed head. The deep and insightful comment she quietly gets is:]

It must have been a pretty heavy test.

[ooc. it's easy to get carried away here XD Cloud promises to be one of her callers when she does ;)]

[ Her love was one of the deepest loves imaginable. One that spanned two life times.. and would have spanned for another thousand years. Perhaps even more. Usagi's stunned look doesn't last very long and she just seems to relax even more under his comforting touch.

It at least keeps her grounded between her thoughts and who she's actually speaking to. A sense of reality in this dream world.

Really heavy.

[ Having to drag a test with a score of a 30 was absolutely killer. ]

(OOC: Yaaaaay \o\ Usagi will totes be happy when he does call. C: )

[his hand will give a little awkward stroke and then it'll drop, landing on her shoulder as he looks down at her. She's been through a lot and the man she mentions must have been a part of it. He doesn't have to ask. There's no way you could feel that strongly for someone that hadn't gone through the fire with you. The squeeze he gives her shoulder is soft.]

So was it love - or annoyance - at first sight?

[ooc. you know he'd be the anonymous caller asking what he should do to make up for missing his girlfriend's birthday... and anniversary... and Valentine's day... and Christmas...]

It was embarrassment! He shouldn't have looked at my test to begin with!

[ At first, Usagi's face is red and her hand is clenching up tightly at the initial memory as it plays off in her head. But, it's as if she's let the feeling go and with a dramatic sigh she tilts her head down and promptly facepalms. ]

But, I guess if something pelted me in the head, I would probably want to see what it was too.

[ So really, she did deserve it for not just throwing that test away in its proper place: aka the trash can. ]

/takes those fierce backtags like a mofo

[the soft sound just might be amusement and he'll give her shoulder a commiserating rub before letting go and stepping back to give her space again. The smile stays though.]

I was busy pretending I was a pig the first time Tifa saw me. I was six. Maybe it's a thing - your best friend seeing you at your worse right off the bat.

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