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[Open] In Konoha, there's peace.
shallendurehate wrote in onepassingnight
Who: Naruto and YOU!
Where: Konoha, the Village of the Hidden Leaf
When: Around high noon
Warnings: None!

At high noon, despite the gentle heat of the sun, the streets of Konoha were still busy. Many civilians and ninja alike roamed the streets--you could tell the difference due to the headband the ninjas wore, or even the green flax vests some donned. The people were bustling to and fro from shop to shop, but despite how any people there were, everyone seemed to be rather happy.

The guards that day were friendly too, allowing people into the massive city through the giant wooden gates with open arms, explaining the Hidden Leaf and its many things to do and see. In the far far back of the city sat the Hokage Monument; the giant carved mountain stood tall and proud.

Naruto himself sat atop a tall telephone line pole, watching the people go by. He had already come to terms that this was a dream, which was why he was avoiding the place all together. Even in his own dream, people gave him strange looks. He was a hero, but still a terrifying stranger to them. His blue eyes watched the city. where he was now, he was far away from the village where all his friends were. He hadn't seen any of them yet. Where could they of been?

If he had a dream, couldn't he of at least dreamed about his friends?

"Way to bite'ttebayo," Naruto complained, flopping back against a high extension of the pole.

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The town reminds him a little bit of Wutai and a little bit of Edge. It's full and busy and - comfortable. He's not sure how he ended up here or where he's going, probably just got done with a delivery and it occurs to him that he should look for something to bring back to Tifa and the kids. For some reason he's carrying his mutated coin bank in the curl of one arm as he moves through the crowd. With his shaggy blond hair and too bright blue eyes, he stands out in the crowd and from a distance, perhaps, looks just a bit like another spiky haired blond.

Now if he could only figure out where to get a decent meal?

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...The hell was that pink thing?

High above Cloud's head, Naruto was now on his hands and knees, leaning forward like a cat perched on an edge and surveying below. In reality, he was trying to get a better look at the thing Cloud was holding. Besides! With his blond hair and decidedly "cool" appearance, he stood out. Of course! Girls kept glancing at him as he passed!

Why couldn't Naruto get that kind of attention?!

He pushed it to the back of his mind, before taking a deep breath.

"Oi!" Naruto called out, waving a hand wildly in the air. "HEY! GUY WITH THE PINK THING!"

He heard the yelling and Cloud's head turned a little, wondering who wass getting yelled for. Guy with the... pink...


His face turned and he shoot a look down at the pink creature snuggled up in the crook of his arm. He'd told the little girl he'd take care of it, didn't he? He supposed that made him a 'guy with the pink thing'. Lifting his head, he found the source of the noise.

And blinked.

Was that a kid on a telephone pole?

Not in the habit of yelling, he simply stood, waiting to see what the kid wanted him for. And - who'd let him climb all the way up there in the first place?

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