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002 || cast into the bowels of the earth and pecked by birds.
++ Locomotion ++
hisdreamsmyfate wrote in onepassingnight

"Liar! Liar!


[The mountains again - except the scenery has taken on quite a... bloody turn.

Where there had once been untouched snow, the beauty of the Planet, and the gentle gusts of winds... the land is now riddled with corpses, stained with blood, and encompassing a shattered, blown building. In the midst of all of this, are two giant, bleeding monsters - twins, the SOLDIER twins, so young and bright and - pecking at something obscured from the scene for the time being.

The black, feathered monsters withdraw only once, from the clash of a tempered sword against the steel-like beaks. They caw again - "Liar! Traitor! Liarliar!" - and he finally stands, looking a bit worse for wear. But the pain isn't from physical injuries. Oh, no.

Those bright blue eyes are twisted with an anguish a Cure wouldn't come close to fixing.]




[Their massive wings spread, beating against the fresh snow... and towards him again.]

I'm sorry.

[And it all turns black.]

[ooc: Tags from here on in would take place in total darkness, and both of the ravens blending in. So attacks come from seemingly nowhere, and you've gotta guess where they'll strike. Enjoy!]

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[he's late. Again. He's missed the battle and Zack's been hurt because he wasn't there to help. Again.

dammit! Why is he ALWAYS too late?

His sword is out and ready - but the world goes black. Crouching just the slightest bit, ears straining as they attempt to replace his eyesight, he calls again:]


[Cloud does receive some kind of response from the spiraling, black abyss. It's just not one he probably wanted to see,

The newcomer arrives in the form of two crimson eyes, flashing out of nowhere, then bouncing around the man. With an ear-piercing SCREECH, the monster lunges out - talons bared and ready to tear Cloud in two.]

[it's the lack of Zack's answer that bothers him most and the arrival of the monster he watched attacking his friend doesn't help his mood at all. When it lunges, there's actually the smallest smirk that twists the edges of his lips.

He's not some scrawny teenager anymore, taken down by one blast from a summon. He's Cloud Strife and killing monsters is what he's best at. There's very little that clears his head so quickly or pulls up his desire to fight than a straightforward enemy.

The sword comes up, blocks, drives the creature back, slices. The blows themselves are hard and fast and blunt but the man wielding them is suddenly impossibly graceful on his feet, every trace of clunky, awkward lost boy gone. This is his element and he's fearless in it. And this time his call is a demand instead of a question.]


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[Essai screeches at the blows, reeling back even as the wounds already begin repairing themselves. Its long wings beat in the darkness, hovering higher and higher in the air, just before Sebastian flies out from underneath like a missile, aimed at Cloud.

And still no human response.]

[he catches the movement in the dark, more instinctive feel than anything else, and there's the impossibly quick shift. The sword is suddenly two pieces instead of one and Cloud's just as capable with either hand. He doesn't wait for the fight to come to him, instead launching forward to meet Sebastian as he dives and he lets the full power of the monster's rush do his work for him as he brings the second blade up in a block that will let it slice right down the full center length of the misshapen bird. His voice has changed when it comes out this time and it's a snap of command that he learned and earned the right to trekking across the entire planet leading a rag tag group of misfits.

It's an order.]

Zack! Answer me, SOLDIER!

he'll come in at the very last second ffff. LIKE A TWUE HEWO. (can change if that's not okay?)

[At the new threat, Essai and Sebastian only grow more persistent in their attacks.

The two ravens start grouping together instead of attacking seperately, calling upon some force within the darkness to try and tie Cloud down with wispy, thorny tendrils. If it works, they'll start moving forward like scavengers, still screeching those derogatory words, ready to pin him down and start tearing him apart.]

[Zack not answering means he CAN'T answer and that finally gets Cloud's eyes narrowed down. It means Zack's either so far gone that he's not conscious or else it means that Zack's just gone. Either way, Cloud needs to wrap up what's going on here and find his friend.

The tendrils of darkness catch and cling to him but he's not in the same place long enough for them to solidify strongly enough to trap him and they tear away, still wrapped around his arm as he stays mobile. When he's fighting a moving target, Cloud's rarely in the same place for more than a second. He relies on speed more than anything else when he fights and thanks to the Jenova cells, his hang time when he's airborne is impressive. The tangle of darkness still on his arm digs in and he grunts as it draws blood but other than that, it's ignored as Not As Important. The familiar blue fire starts to flare through him, built up enough thanks to the battle and he unleashes a blade beam that separates and tears right through both of the monsters. Whether they reform or not, isn't important to him. They're not important anymore. His boots sound heavy as he lands, thudding loud as he runs forward, intent on finding his friend. Time feels very limited and this time... this time he's not going to be too late.]

[The twin beasts *do* reform - just as Cloud starts to run off. This darkness, this pocket-dimension serves them well, using the environments to pulls themselves right again any time they please. Except now, there's smaller, batlike minions giving chase, faster than the ravens can trail. A few, or all, may catch up to Cloud, attempting to dig into his arms, his legs, and even his neck.

He wasn't getting away that easily.]

[Cloud doesn't fight stupid and he doesn't fight just to fight. He wants a damn good reason before he goes into battle and he prioritizes. His priority right now is finding Zack. If the monsters get in the way, he'll deal with them but they're not what he's focused on. Zack is here somewhere and running may not be the smartest way to find him but standing in one spot works even less.

He's REALLY going to have to start remembering to bring materia. A little bit of light right now would be huge.

When the bat things show up, he wishes even more for materia because it would fry them all in one shot instead of him having to deal with them one on one. Once again, standing and fighting not only seems a good way to get swarmed but also pointless because Zack's obviously not coming to him. So it's duck and dodge and roll and he reaches up when one of them latches on to his shoulder above the darkness and simply tears it free, blood spilling down his shoulder as a result ignored, muscles brief as he squeezes it until it's boneless in his gloved hand. And all the time, his glowing blue eyes are narrow and searching, head full of the simply manta of 'come on, come on, come on, Zack, where are you?']

[Right *here*!

Carefully managing to avoid Cloud, an Assault Twister blasts the remaining bats away, also knocking back the two ravens lurking not too far behind. While the stragglers remain stunned, he leaps out of the darkness, high above Cloud - *over* Cloud - slamming the Buster Sword down in a burst of fire and energy. All enemies are immediately disintegrated - save for the two main beasts still managing to reform from the attack.

But he's here, keeping up a firm guard in front of his friend. And he grins.]

Sorry I'm late, buddy.

Zack -

[there's no mistaking the relief in Cloud's voice. Idiot 'hero' making him worry like that.

And yet he can't help that he's smiling himself, even if his arm is pretty raw. It's the most natural thing in the world to put his back to Zack's, sword ready and on guard. He manages a snort though.]

If I'd known you were just waiting for the 'hero' moment to show up, I would have left your ass here.

Yeah, yeah, I got a little sidetracked. Not like you came lickity-split, either! [He's still grinning though - however Cloud got here, he was alive. That was all that mattered. Now, onto the main task at hand...

Both ravens have fully reformed at this point, starting to circle the two of them.]

Cloud, we've gotta rip this bubble apart. [Don't ask him how he knows, he just remembers from an earlier dream. This has happened more than once, after all.] It's the only way to make 'em lose their powers.

[Cloud will accept Zack's answer without a flicker of his eyelid. If Zack says it, it's so. Unless he's giving dating advice. He's learned not to trust Zack's 'dating advice'. But in this he trusts Zack completely and he doesn't ask how his friend would know something like that. Instead it's a single nod that's more a dip of his chin than anything else and a low sound to show he's heard. Blue fire flares up through him, licking at the shadows and laced with streaks of purple and hints of gold. He's not sure how you split darkness apart but he figures it involves violent limit breaks and a weak point. And he's all for that.]

Pick a spot.

[He doesn't... quite remember that much, how to break it apart. He just knows he did it once before, with someone. Two people were needed for this, and he wouldn't trust anyone more than Cloud.

But there has to be a point that the ravens can't guard - a spot where they *can't* constantly reform. His footing shifts, luminescent blue eyes trailing the crimson-eyed beast rising up against them.]

You take one, I'll take the other?

Little guy on your left is yours.

[they're both the same size and it's an indication of how calm Cloud feels that the dry joke comes out. He waits until the one on the right is a it's most solid and then he leaps, blue fire blazing as his sword flashes. And because he trusts Zack to keep the other one from jumping him he can finally focus all his energy on watching this monster in front of him. Driving for that weak spot that it will do anything to protect.]

Leavin' me the weaker ones, hmm?

[Said as he jumps out the same time as Cloud, striking down at the offending bird with enough force to fell a good-sized Behemoth. But the birds aren't their real targets right now - they need to find a way out to destroy this darkness. A place the monsters might be protecting...


Did that spot just flicker when they attacked?]


[he sees it too because both of the birds are trying to block it, unsure if his eyes were just playing tricks with him until Zack says his name that way. Then he makes a low sound in his throat to show he's heard and his chin dips once in a nod. Now. While the monsters are reforming. The limit break he's been holding back flares harsh through him.]

Let's do it.

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