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And a merry Christmas to all
Tis the season to be jolly and all that
reverse_destiny wrote in onepassingnight
[It's that special day that comes once a year, when families gather together to spend the day making merry and exchanging gifts. And no one could be more excited than Sora. In fact, he's decorated the family home, preparing it just for today. And there are so many gifts under the tree, just waiting to be opened. In fact, he's sitting there, absolutely excited. He's just waiting on someone.

And that someone is his family: you.]

[[OOC: Be whoever you want to be to him! Just expect special presents and possibly fun in the snow outside after said presents.]]

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The door slams shut behind him and Cloud can be heard in the hallway, stamping snow off his boots. It's cold out there and it's been a long day of last minute deliveries. He's getting better about getting around the awkwardness of having his arm stuck in a sling though and he's currently got a couple cardboard packages of cookies from the bakery down the street piled on top of it as he shrugs out of his oversized jacket, red scarf dangling. Big brother's finally home and maybe once he gets some feeling back in his nose he'll even be able to appreciate the smell of that pine tree. Belated, he remembers to announce:

"I'm home."

gfjksdfgjhfgkljfgkj /ALL THE KEYSMASHING

And that has Sora running, leaving behind the decorating of the tree to peer out of the doorway into the hallway, big grin on his face.

"Welcome home!"

Your brother is excited, Cloud. Very excited, because you are home and that means time to hang out with you, and maybe they can do further decorating together. Because that's what this holiday is about, right?

"How was your day?"

XD! party at Cloud and Sora's house!

There was nothing - absolutely nothing - like a Sora greeting when you got home to make all the aggravations of the day just kind of seem insignificant. Managing to balance the cookie boxes and hang up his jacket at the same time took a lot of Cloud's concentration but there was no stopping the way his lips tugged upward on either side at the sound of his little brother's running feet and enthusiastic welcome.

Yeah... it did feel like home...

"Brought us some goodies for after dinner," he tossed one of the boxes to Sora. "The powdered kind." Which would probably end up everywhere knowing the two of them but that wasn't important. What was important was that the cookies were good. Easy strides took him over to Sora and he clamped a hand onto the kid's head to give it a light shake. An old 'rattle your brains' joke that had just mutated into Cloud's usual greeting. His equivalent of a hug.

"Busy. What've you been up to while I've been out?"

Iiii hope you don't mind me using a RL dinner I love |D;

Sora easily catches the box, grin growing ever wider. His favorite! He doesn't mind when his brother greets him in his usual way. In fact, it just earns a bit of a laugh. And then, the question... Sora grins so big, his face has to be hurting.

"I did some more decorating. Mostly made one of those popcorn strings I read about and strung that over the tree. Oh, I made dinner, too. Miiight have burnt the ham a bit. But the cream peas and the rice are perfect!"

actually, it sounds delicious and now I'm hungry

"Dinner sounds great," Cloud isn't humoring Sora in the least. He's starved and something hot after a long day out on cold, wet roads sounds amazing. Given his army days, he doubts Sora could do worse to the ham than he's seen military 'cooks'. He doesn't head directly to the kitchen or dining room though, stopping instead in the living area to take a look at Sora's latest additions.

Every time he turns around, his little brother's adding something else to the decorations. It... makes Christmas feel like it's worth something. So he's just going to take a minute to stand in the room and soak it in. It makes him feel... it makes him feel like there should be more people here. More voices and laughter. But his dream won't let him remember the family he's left behind and so all he's left with is the feeling of something missing. It's all right though. He and Sora will just have to make enough noise for everyone.

"Wanna eat in the living room tonight?"

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