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{001} dreams within dreams
thankyoumrthief wrote in onepassingnight
[Tonight you will find yourself in a place that somewhat resembles a forest clearing, along with the ruins of something that used to be a research facility. If you have been to the Unova region before, you might recognize it as the Dreamyard. But that's not the important part.

There's also a blond teenage girl in said Dreamyard, playing with a pink, tapir-like creature floating in midair - or at least one would assume they're playing, even though the odd little monster is curled up around itself, eyes closed as though asleep. Nonetheless, they're both very happy together, and if you approach the girl, it might take her a second or two to give you any attention - she's a bit of an airhead and easily distracted, you see. Again. that's not the really important part.

The one thing that you should actually notice first hand is that, behind the two, there are even more of those creatures - a variety of
Munna and Musharna, just waiting for someone to come nearby. If you dare to peak into the smoke coming out of them, you might catch a glimpse of dreams they have previously eaten and, who knows, you might even re-live one of those dreams you had before in the world of Passing. Just be careful that they won't feel threatened, otherwise they might materialize a vision you wouldn't like to see. Dream within dreams tend to be tricky things, after all.

But look back at the teenage girl and how content she looks. Surely it can't be that bad... right?]

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[he's dreaming.

He gets that.

But it's a nice feeling dream and he's got his sword on him. So far the worse things that's attacked him though are some falling leaves, slowly spiraling down out of full branches. He takes a deep breath and the air is fresh and clean.

No motorcycle exhaust fumes clinging to him to clutter up the scents.

...he needs to get the kids out of Edge and into some fresh air. Denzel especially. Maybe they can... borrow a truck from Barret and load up the kids and take the day...

He thinks they'd like that. He loved being out doors and far away from a watching town when he was a kid...

And just like that he clears the trees and - there's a kid.

A blond but it's a girl and mercifully not himself. Gaia, he really doesn't want to run into himself anymore.

That's also... a whole lot of pink... uh... squishy looking things. And they're... smoking? Okay. That's new for him but sure, why not? He'll roll with it. He's still going to give them a wide berth but they don't look particularly nasty. He finds it hard to find pink threatening.

Or little kids.

She looks happy and safe and that makes him feel good too. So he's not going to disturb her. Instead he's just going to put his back against a crumbling wall and slide himself down, letting one leg relax out while he keeps the other knee bent. The sword can rest on the grass next to him. It's a nice dream and he's okay with just being a part of it. A stray breeze ruffles the spikes of his hair and he can already feel himself relaxing. He'll just... keep an eye on her and make sure the dream doesn't go bad. He can do that.

As long as those weird pink things stay on their side of the yard.]

[While Bianca does notice the newcomer, she doesn't approach him quite yet - Musharna is taking a nap on her lap, and you should never ever wake her up from a nap. She may be a pink blob of cute, but she gets grumpy when she doesn't get enough sleep.

The same can't be said about one of the other weird pink things, though. Hey, Cloud. Say hello to Munna.]


[he's content to just relax and enjoy the scene. He's not used to simple dreams. Hasn't had those really since the mako tubes. Maybe the reappearance of something as simple and harmless as a kid playing with her - noticeably strange and Cloud Strife doesn't think he's got much of an imagination but apparently his subconscious disagrees - animals is a sign that he's getting better. That his head is starting to settle down closer to sane and normal.

Or maybe his subconscious is just setting him up for something really nasty...

Yeah, nothing like not being able to trust your own mind but Cloud's gotten into the habit.

When the funky pink thing comes wandering over though his brows go down just a fraction.

It looks... it looks kinda like Marlene's coin bank.

Why's Marlene's mutated coin bank in his dreams? Is he worried about bills?

...did he fall asleep at his desk over the receipts again...?

damn... he'd better not be drooling on them.]


[unsure, he'll put his hand out and gently attempt to nudge the mutant coin bank into visiting a different direction. He's not above talking to inanimate object in his waking world so it doesn't feel strange here to add:]

I haven't got any gil for you.

Muuuun? [The Munna slightly tilts to one side, a little confused.

Meanwhile, Bianca is still watching the two from afar. This guy didn't look like one of those mean Plasma types who would kick Munna just for their Dream Mist, but if he tried anything funny, she would stick up for the Pokemon. She was only a beginning trainer back then, but she could totally handle it now!]

[the weird coin bank looks about as confused as Cloud would be if he was presented with the strange animal and didn't know he was dreaming. He can feel kind of sorry for it. After all, confused is something he's pretty good at himself - though he's getting better.

...he hopes he's getting better...

He's really not sure what he's supposed to do with the pink thing though. He hasn't got any gil on him and he hasn't carried greens of any kind for a while now. So, cautious, he'll pick the coin bank up with a hand and turn it so it's facing away from him. After a moment, he'll give it's butt a little nudge to indicate it should start moving that direction.]

[Seeing this, Bianca carefully puts her own Musharna aside so she can stand and walk over to that very confused Munna (and Cloud, by extension), picking up the Pokemon and gently petting its pink fur.]

Um... I think this Munna wants to be your friend, mister...

[Cloud sees the girl coming and he's a little relieved. Whatever's going on with this dream, she seems to be aware of it. At least he hopes so. He's kind of gotten used to his dreams having sections of them that don't make any sense to him but seem to to themselves. So he tilts his head to look up at her as she picks up the fuzzy coin bank, blue eyes honestly puzzled.]


Why...? [Well, that is an odd question. How to answer?]

Um... I think Munna must really like you!


[shouldn't it be a chocobo then?

Not that he could ever tell his subconscious what to do - or even knew what it was really doing half the time but still... the only creatures that tried to adopt him off the bat like that were giant birds.

Small furred coin banks... he couldn't quite see how his brain, even as messed up as it was, was making that switch over.

Maybe he really was worried about the bills...

He'll give the pink thing a blank look and resist the temptation to simply repeat his 'why?'.

His instincts fall back on practical.]

I don't have anything to feed it.

Ah, that's all right! I'm sure Munna will be totally happy just to play with you! [See how she's petting the Munna? You should totally try that, Cloud.]

[see the blink, blink, Bianca?

That's Cloud trying to figure out what 'play' means in regards to the pink thing in your arms. He's not too hot on knowing how to 'play' when it comes to full sized kids, much less fuzzy round coin banks that puffing smoke.]

I - don't think I'd be very good at that.

That's silly! You just have to scratch her fur a little, really nice, see? [She pets the Munna again, as though teaching him how to do it. The Pokemon seems pretty content, too.]

[of course the creature looks content. It's got a cute little girl paying attention to it. Cloud's not. Either cute or a little girl. And his ratio of animals that like him to animals he has to kill is... pretty slanted on the one side. Still, he has a naturally hard time saying not to girls in general and cheerful little versions of them even more. Tenative, eyes narrowed in slight caution, he'll raise his hand and, very hesitantly, very gently, scratch at the pink things fuzz near where he thinks the back of it's ear probably is.

Okay, kid. If this thing bites him he's giving up on the whole 'befriend small animals' thing for good. His voice betrays what a bad idea he thinks this is as he asks:]

Like this?

[Munna gives out a content muuuuun! in return, pulling itself a little bit closer to Cloud as though asking for more petting.]

Just like that! See how Munna is looking really happy?

[he can't tell if that's a purr or a growl so no, no he can't really see. But he's going to take the kid's word for it and so, because it seems to make both the critter and the girl happy, he'll keep scratching. After a minute more of it not flying at him with hidden fangs and claws bared, he'll relax enough to ask curiously:]

What is it?

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