one passing night

the evening is spread out against the sky

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☆ } Remember winter evening {
daha_az_tanrica wrote in onepassingnight
[Just like last time it’s still a colony and still Mars. However this time all the lights are dimmed, even the suns light doesn’t appear as bright as it should be. The atmosphere is far from the gentle idealistic world it had been last time. The entire area seems a little darker, colder. Those whose wander it’s halls will discover many of the colonists, while they don’t speak, only give suspicious looks. And for the dreamer?

She’s much smaller but dressed in the same uniform as every other colonist. She’s curled up in a hallway, face buried in her knees. Her overly large sleeves are pushed up, a few small but bruises line her arms. Being a living experiment wasn’t always something she could live with and when she couldn’t? Those bruises are an example on how it was dealt with. On a better day. They wouldn’t last long but it was a reminder. Don’t act out. Don’t compromise the mission or colony. It’s a lesson that a child doesn’t always completely understand or know how to properly deal with. And so anyone who does notice the tiny bundle that is the dreamer might hear an occasional sniffle. She’s not upset. At least that’s what she can tell herself.

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ahhh - kids..... Cloud's kryptonite!

[he's meandering, not sure where he's going and despite the heavy boots and the wild hair, he can pass surprisingly unnoticeable through the hallways when he wants to. He's not a part of these people and they are just as willing to leave him to himself as he is to return the favor. The little body huddled close to the floor however as he turns the corner isn't something he can ignore and his steps take on a more solid sound as he slowly approaches. Careful not to crowd, careful to leave the little form plenty of space, he crouches down in front of it. His voice is surprisngly soft and gentle for a man that swings the giant sword he's wearing against his back.]

You okay?

[sorry. My posting will be slow the next three weeks but - if that's okay? I couldn't resist this]

Ahahaha. <3 And don't worry about tagging speed

[She unwinds slightly from her little ball, lifting her head and staring at him curiously. Seth doesn't exactly seem any more comfortable. Dealing with people was never much comfort sadly. It takes a few moments before she manages a small nod.]

Y-Yeah. I'm ... fine.

cool - thanks. And btw, you get older Cloud - though it's not obvious in the way he looks

[no one that's curled up in a ball like that whimpering is 'fine'. Cloud's not about to argue with the kid over it though. Instead he'll just nod, a single dip of his head, and offer a gloved hand, palm up.]

Then can I help you stand up?

[She looks at the hand, then up to him and then back down to his hand. She doesn't grasp the concept that someone might be trying to be kind to her. At least not someone outside of her little family.]

I-I'm fine. ...Waiting...for my brother.

he's a little bit better at expressing himself - lol

[he'll note the lack of understanding and the fact she doesn't take his hand. Curled up in a ball in the hallway is a strange place to wait for someone but he doesn't say anything. Instead he simply shifts, sitting down with her, one long leg stretched out, the other raised so he can rest an arm across it. It also makes him a good barrier between her and the rest of the hallway he's just come down without blocking her retreat down the other direction if she wants it. The shift to move his giant sword so it rests comfortably behind him at an angle is a automatic habit.]

All right. How long do you usually have to wait?

Aw. Cloud managing to express himself

[She shifts awkwardly and scoots away. Not that she has any reason to dislike him. In fact she rather likes that there hasn't been any yelling or cursing. But he's still a man with a weapon and that's enough cause for concern to her.]

I-I don't know. Depends on how long he has to work.

well... we'll see ~how~ much better XD

[he watches her scoot away and he doesn't move to stop her. He understands that he's a stranger and a potential threat. That a child that small knows enough to worry about potential threats has him thinking he needs to hunt someone down and have... words with them. But at the moment, they're here. He'll leave his hands in full view, loose and relaxed.]

I won't hurt you.

[it's said low and soft and gentle. He doesn't expect her to believe him but he says it anyway because he's learning that words have meaning sometimes and because it acknowledges that she's afraid in the first place without making it her fault. Calm, his eyes will watch her]

I'm Cloud. I'm new here.

[She heard that line before. And sure enough she doesn't believe it. Seth already had a bit of dislike for such sayings because she never knew them to carry any truth. The exceptions being from her siblings. Her siblings never meant to harm her if they did. Well...Abel left room for doubt sometimes. FOr now though best follow Lilith's example and be nice. Maybe this time around it will pay off.]

I didn't know we were getting more colonists this month.

[he'll glance around, taking in the scenery and then look back at the little girl. His voice is just as calm and soft as before as he asks:]

Is that what I am?

And we shall enjoy the effort

They didn't inform you of anything?

[his smile is soft. He's been dream walking for years now. He's learning to recognize the signs when he's with another Walker. So he'll shake his head and quietly answer:]

I'm even newer than that. Would you tell me about it?

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