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the evening is spread out against the sky

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☆ she dreams of the moon 002;
herlonelystar wrote in onepassingnight
It's a castle unlike anything mankind has seen. True -- castles of all different shapes and sizes have littered throughout civilizations. Grand palaces covered in gold and kingdoms forbidden to even the common folk of their glorious empire.

But what makes this kingdom so special? If you look up, it's not the normal sky. Instead, the backdrop is the black blue color of space and hovering above is a view of the Earth.

Welcome to the Mare Serenitatis, The Sea of Serenity., dear dreamer. In the center, protected by a large and magical bio dome is a large castle. The roof tops are reminiscent of from India but it's not the only predominant ancient Earth kingdom influences -- although looking through the castle one can see that this castle backdates anything that Mankind has ever known. Where you are now is in the courtyard. There's the main pathway lined in polished white stone and fountain plinths adorn the water surrounding the mini fields of flowers inside of the courtyard.

Standing in one of the many areas of flowers is a lone woman. Most who know her would recognize her as Usagi Tsukino: the young girl with blue eyes and that peculiar hairstyle. But, this lovely lady embodies something the young girl has not honed yet. She is graceful, quiet and wise. She wears a gown pearl in color with an opaque pink ribbon that almost looks like wings that span from the waist of her dress. Her hair is still up in that familiar style, but atop of her head is a small golden crown and gracing her forehead is an upturned golden crescent moon.

Mistress of this castle; she is the only one in the courtyard and her eyes are staring quietly at the Earth, unaware of any one who may have stumbled upon this spot.

(OOC: Will be responding with Neo Queen Serenity As with the other fast-forwarded time skip entries, feel free to assume CR if the situation calls for it I'm not too picky. Also IT'S USAGI'S BIRTHDAY TODAY! \o\;;;)

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went with early gametime Cloud - have fun with this one(no Usagi memories)

[it's obvious he's lost. Partially in the way his glowing blue eyes are narrowed and suspicious and partially because he simply stands out among all the pristine settings in his rough and tumble outfit that looks partially uniform, partially crabbed together survival armor. Across his back is a huge sword, the hilt swinging slightly behind his shoulder as he moves with confident stride, shoulders back, eyes searching. There's a slightly edged air to him, something that warns you instinctively to back off and keep walking. And if he's impressed by the backdrop in the sky, he has yet to show it. He's obviously not above accosting strangers though because when he spots the slender form in white, he'll stride over to ask bluntly:]

How do I get back to Sector Seven?

Mmmmm early game!Cloud +_+

[ She can feel the tense aura in the air the moment Cloud steps onto the courtyard grounds. The heavy steps that he takes echo in her ears, but still she's as calm as can be - even when he makes his way over to her and speak to her as if he has no recollection of who she is and what kind of relationship they have. ]


[ Thoughtfully, she taps her chin while her gaze is still trained on the image of the earth with her back still turned to him. ]

Well, I would suppose to get back to Sector Seven you would walk back the way you came!

[ Her chin tapping turns into cheek tapping as a curious gaze that teeters between serious and not very serious at all graces her features. ] Have you tried that way yet?

one of my favorites! - now let's just see if I can write him well

Walking back the way I came leaves me standing in front of a wall.

[his voice is still its usual low tone but it's got a hard edge to it now, a roughness around the way the words come out. His arms fold over his chest as he tips back the slightest bit, center of gravity shifting. The scowl doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon either.]

huuurgh sector seven. It's been so long since I've played the game D|

That's unfortunate.

[ Her voice is so casual but it has that slight edge that reflects that she may or may not be enjoying this small conversation. She taps her chin once, twice, three times before she folds her hands behind her back and turns so that she's fully facing the ex-SOLDIER with a slight pout of the lip. ]

Is it important that you return to Sector Seven? You look like you could use a break....?

[ The unsure pause at the end of her question hopefully will allow him to properly introduce himself. ]

lol he's forever trying to find his way back there - and running into unhelpful pretty girls

[he doesn't give a damn if she's enjoying the conversation or not. He's not.

He's lost. He's pretty damn sure that thing hanging in the sky shouldn't be there and this doesn't look anything like Midgar. Which means he's either gone crazy

...finally. You've FINALLY gone crazy...

or else he's lost time again and forgotten how he got here.

He doesn't like either answer but he's not going to let it show. He's not going to panic. SOLDIER don't get scared or worried or off balance. SOLDIER can handle anything. He's SOLDIER. That must mean he can handle this.

He can handle this.

He misses the social cue.]

I need to get back to Tifa's bar.

[...she's waiting for me and she'll be worried... we're not supposed to make her worry...]

They've got my money.

[ Serenity leans forward, peering up at the man with that pout on her lips growing. There's a small sigh that escapes her lips -- why wouldn't it? He's proving to be more socially inept than she had led herself to believe. ]

As important as that is, I can not help you return to Sector Seven.

[ Just yet. She still needs to wake up, and until that happens... ]

But perhaps if you visit for a little while, a way out will reveal itself.

[his reaction to her move is immediate, a leaning back of his torso even while his feet stay squarely planted and for just a second the chips of stone he has for eyes flare hugely blue. The angles of his face show more prominently and he looks impossibly young. Then his eyes narrow down again as if they'd always been that way and he's SOLDIER again.

He hates riddles.

...what do you call a deaf man that hears voices?


His eyebrows come up, just a little, and the smirk suddenly slides over his features as blue eyes focus intently on the woman in front of him.]

You could have just asked if you wanted company.

[ He's not far above being startled; Serenity is strangely calmed by that. She has to keep a content smile from spreading across her lips. And a good thing too, because his statement about company doesn't take her off guard as much as it does.. put her off some. ]

Well, aren't we presumptuous.

[ Although in actuality, he's half right. Serenity wishes for company in this lonely castle on the Moon, but, even so she'd still send him home if she could. ]

Will you stay or will you leave?

[her rebuke doesn't phase him and if anything he shifts, one foot slightly in front of the other, hand fisting to his hip and damn but it's a cocky stance. He will take his time and survey the surrounding area and when his eyes catch the giant wash of green and blue in the sky, they flicker, just a little.

face it, Strife... you're lost. So much more lost than not knowing what ground you stand on...

no one's ever going to find you...


no one's even looking...

His shrug is casual and his head turns back to her.]

Can't leave you alone. You migth get into trouble. Where is everybody?

It would be very difficult to get in trouble.

[ And it's at that moment, Serenity realizes the weight of her dream. A castle of her past and yet it's empty except for the two of them unless she wills shadows of people to roam around the city that this castle is attached to.

With a small shake of her head, she just smiles to cover up the gravity of the dream.

There is no one else.

[ No one else. A Queen with an empty castle and an empty empire. Very sad, isn't it? ]

[it pings him and for a moment, his eyes actually focus on her and they're deep and slightly worried - for her - and searching. Until the steel moves back into them and he shrugs, turning to look around them again.]

At least it's quiet.

[SOLDIER don't care if they're alone. They're too tough to need anyone.

I don't need anyone.


I'd be fucked if I did...

His hand will lift a little to tap fingers lightly against the worn hilt of his sword. Thoughtful. And there might be just the hint of youth in his blue eyes as, despite himself, he asks:]

Why are you all alone?

Ah ah ah~!

[ He's becoming too curious and Serenity doesn't think that finding out all the information now would be any fun~! So she waggles a finger up at him with a playful smile sent up to him. ]

I do not answer personal questions of that nature until I know who exactly it is I am talking to.

[ Even though she already knows his name, the last thing she needs is an even more suspicious Cloud. Having a cocky yet stoic Cloud is enough for now. ]

[the scowl replaces any youth in his features and his arms fold over his chest. It almost seems to take him a moment to figure out what she wants from him if the blank hesitation in his eyes is any indication. When it does register, the smirk slides back over his lips and there's a slight swagger in the single shoulder shrug this time.]

Cloud Strife, ex-SOLDIER, 1st class. Mercenary for hire.

Very nice to meet you, Cloud.

[ Serenity finally stands upright. She even untilts her head so that she's properly postured for the woman of her stature. ]

My full title is Neo-Queen Serenity but you may call me Serenity if you wish.

[again there's the blank pause, the moment of stillness as if he's waiting for things to drop into place and tell him what to do next. It's not surprise at her being a queen that causes it. Dressed as she is, it would be hard to miss the fact she's someone important and queens are the stuff of fairy tales and old stories in his world. Rather it's something much more basic he's waiting for. Whether it finally comes to him or not, he gives not sign. Just the slow twitch down of his brows and the slightly gruff:]

Shouldn't someone be taking care of you then?

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