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Heeeeey!!  Baaeby!!
armofcorel wrote in onepassingnight
[ Barret looks different than usual. Might be that he's a little younger ... might be his arms mirror each other, no gun arm to speak of. Though it's not easy to see him too clearly in the dim light of the mineshaft, the swing of his arms is evident as a pickaxe rises and falls.

Work, work, work--it's the kind of repetitive work that you could fall asleep after a full day and dream you're still doing, and that's exactly what going on. But there's a little twist in this dream ... one where he strikes just the right rock and a few more crumble, revealing something unexpected but welcome. He turns around and yells, what seems far too loud in a coal shaft. ]

Ha! Git a load of this! Those Shinra bigwigs are gonna be besides themselves.

[ Because what he's found is a sign that Corel is indeed plenty abundant in potential mako ... the tranquil, lazy glow of a natural mako fountain. ]

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have a post Dirge Cloud (dang it was hard to decide timeline)

[he's not sure what pulled him into this dream. He's been walking them long enough by now that he recognizes when they're not his own but the cave and the faint smell in the air is still familiar. It's not Mount Nibel but some things are the same all over Gaia. He hears the yell however and angles toward that voice, following the narrow shaft he's apparently in as it leads upward to connect to a wider shaft. Even though he knows it's just a dream he can't help but inhale deeper once he's out of the confining space. What he didn't expect to see was Barret standing in the glow of pure radiant mako. His surprise gives itself away in the slight question in his voice.]


opposite ends of the timeline here, wow XD

[ He doesn't recognize the voice but for the moment he doesn't question it -- tunnels can make everything sound funny. Besides, he's too exhilarated to even think about stuff like that. ]

Get over here, foo'! You see it, don't ya? Mako. [ He turns his head back to the glow, folding his arms as he takes an appreciative step back. Then he grunts. ] We've been sittin' on it all these years and never knew. If we had, maybe Myrna ...

[ He trails off, not wanting to think about it -- but honestly, what if they'd caught up to the times sooner? He could have gotten his wife better care; she'd be in better health now. Hell, maybe she'd have never gotten sick to begin with, if they had an easier life. ]

[he's still trying to orient himself, confused about where he is or even who's dream this is. Though the first part answers itself pretty fast as he approaches Barret of all people and steps into the green glow of natural mako. It's... been a while since he's seen a fountain like this...

Barret's words catch his attention and he has to look over at his long time friend, noticing differences in the light that match the strange difference he could pick up in his voice.

For some reason it takes him a long moment to realize... Barret's missing his gun arm. Usually... even in his dreams, Barret keeps the gun arm...

Cautious, feeling things out because Barret's dreams can be volitile, he asks:]

Now what?

[ Usually Barret'll keep the gunarm because the heft of it is etched into him. But it's a weight he doesn't know yet, and Cloud's question gets a scoff, as he thinks he's talking about the work they have to do. ]

Aw, hell! It's Shinra's project, innit? They'll probably be buzzing like a swarm here when they get the reactor going. I'm not happy 'bout that, but we gotta look toward the future.

...You new around here? Or you with the Shinra? [ He's finally noticing the strangeness of Cloud's features, a hint of suspicion entering his tone. Doesn't help that with the dimness of their surroundings and Cloud nearby, it looks like his eyes are just soaking up all that mako. Freaky-looking thing. ]

[Cloud's eyes shift from the mako to Barret. The green tinge always strikes him in the stomach, both making him feel sick from memories of being pumped full of it and submerged... and hits him in the gut, though softer these days, as he remembers Aerith.

Unaware but guessing he knew where they were in Barret's memories/dreams, Cloud still decided aligning himself with Shinra could go bad quickly. So he shrugged.]

New here.

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