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[008 ☿] Cliff-Diving
ami ♥ mercurial smile
waterfell wrote in onepassingnight
[There's a gorgeous view from up here: a rocky cliff face overlooking the sea. The breeze plays with her hair as Ami waits at the very highest point, right on the edge. She looks down, an angle likely to give vertigo but she only grins broader.

She's going to jump.

She lets go, and her body suddenly looks so small against the backdrop of open sky as she plummets towards the water and sinks beneath the waves. The movement is a thrilling rush and the moment she's immersed, she smiles. She lets herself stay there, savoring the feeling, and she rises to the surface only reluctantly and belatedly.]

(ooc: not necessarily theme, but I'm open to theme antics as well if anyone wanted to catch her here for them; let me know)

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[it's a dream. About water and shore and he's walking along it. There's a wild, restless feeling in the air though and so it's not exactly peaceful. Almost... as if there's a storm coming in. He's just lifting his head to look at the horizon, a slight line between his eyebrows as he frowns - when a body falls past him.

He has time for his eyes to go wide, and then he's blinking water from his eyelashes because even at a distance that was a bit of a splash. Somehow, when the head rises out of the water, he's not surprised:]


[Her hair slicked back as it's wet, Ami swims towards the shore until she can stand and walk. As soon as she regains her feet, she shoots Cloud that pert smile.]

Want to try the next one with me, Cloud?

[It's a tease, it's a challenge.]

[to say Cloud had never done anything crazy or risky in his life would have been a blatant lie but he likes to think that he at least usually has a reason for most of them. So his eyebrows go up mildly and then he slowly turns his attention on the cliff, looking up to see how high it goes. Which is - pretty high.]

My mother always asked 'if everyone jumps off a cliff would you too?'.

[holding just a hint of humor, he'll focus on the woman in front of him and ask dryly:]

Why are you jumping off a cliff?

What did you tell her back then?

[Her eyes follow Cloud's to look up the long height of the cliff face, then turns back to him.]

This seemed a little more fun than just swimming.

Depended on who was jumping.

[and he had - though it had been falling, not jumping. But he'd gone too because the person falling had been too important to him to let them fall alone. Even as a child he'd known that much.

Ami's answer doesn't surprise him. And he knows it's more than just that too. He's fond of extreme sports himself. He understands the rush. And, after what he's seen her do with water, he's pretty sure it's one element that she can trust completely.]

Usually I'm more interested in the 'climb' over 'jump'.

[Maybe it's that protectiveness that draws her close to him. Among so many other things. It's not even the fall that ever hurt her - it was having to do it alone. Fall alone. Make her way alone.]

If it's like that, want to climb back up there?

[Cloud's never been able to abandon someone he calls a friend and he's never been good at letting them go through something alone either. Even when he's been roughly told to butt out. He's not good at telling his friends what they mean to him, but his actions do the speaking for him and he hopes that's enough. Somehow, if he was thinking about it, which he isn't, he wouldn't be surprised to hear that Ami is used to falling alone.

Doesn't mean he thinks she should be left alone to do so.

At the minute though he's looking back up the cliff and his lips are relaxed into a small smile. The city he lives in now is a long way from the mountains of his youth. So there's the slightest of head nods and a relaxed:]


[They need to talk about this. Instead, she turns without another word and heads up the path, only calling back to Cloud once she's gone a small distance.]

And when we get to the top? What will you do?

[he doesn't mind a bit of a hike and he catches up to her easily with a few long strides. It's nice to walk somewhere instead of driving all the time and he enjoys the feel of having to work for it as they follow the path. Her question gets a shrug and he slants her a look from the sides of his eyes.]

I guess I'll find out when I get to the top.

[As they near the top, the rocky footing gives way to enough room to stand, and the view is spectacular.]

I like it best places like this.

[the view is amazing and the air is crisp and clear up here. Cloud will take his time and inhale it, enjoying the view. Whether this is his world or Ami's it never ceases to amaze him that somewhere there are beings that would destroy all of this for smaller, petty dreams. Even without people, the world is a fascinating place and there's never enough time to realize that. His word is an unconscious murmur:]


[That simple word makes Ami break into an honest to goodness smile.

It's the excuse that covers so many other things, but wanting to see this world continue, wanting to see places like this still exist, all of that had also been true. She doesn't want her world to be damaged or to disappear. None of them had; only the prince and princess had been ready to risk that.

And that makes the smile fade.]

This world was nearly frozen in ice by a being who came here to try to possess it.

Places like this are rare now.

[it brings his brows down and he looks over the world in front of him again. It's alive and strong and yet he too knows how quickly that can change.]

You defeated it?

We did.

[She smirks, as though there was no doubt of this, not even a possibility. She gestures to the land around them.]

This planet is ours. We won't hand it over.

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