one passing night

the evening is spread out against the sky

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crinkle-eyed smile :3
lilgreasemonkey wrote in onepassingnight
[ It's a beautiful day. Blue skies and sunshine. Even the big fluffy white clouds floating lazily by in the sky don't cause a person worry, unless that worry comes from debating with someone what shape a cloud looks like. The grass is green and there's even a slight breeze so one won't start to feel hot in the sunlight.

It's perfect.

Too perfect. The colors seem just a bit too bright. Everything just a bit too much like it was ripped from a storybook.

It's what someone who's seen nothing but the tail end of dusty, run down, barely getting by in the world on duct tape and a prayer places for months would dream of. The perfect little spot to relax in. The perfect little mini vacation. And right in the middle of the no-name place is Kaylee, sitting on an oversized blanket. Her large parasol is beside her as she happily indulges in the food on her other side. ]

((ooc; If you'd like to toss around some ideas for this month's theme I'm open to it :3 ))

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Cloud shall remain themeless - but possibly hungry XD

[the grass brushed against the legs of his pants as he walked, making a soft, pleasant sound and the sun felt good on his head and shoulders, not too hot but just enough to pleasantly bake into his skin.

He's got a little box in his hands - apparently he's making a delivery - though he's not sure how he ended up with directions to the middle of a field. Point is, the umbrella makes his destination easy to spot and he even recognizes the figure and face as he gets closer. He can't help the shy little smile of greeting.]

I guess this is to go with the picnic?

like he could refuse an offer w/ a smile to share the food anyway XD

[ She turns toward the newcomer and smiles widely as she recognizes who it is. ]

Heya Cloud! Whaddya got there?

there is no resisting the Kaylee smile - none!

[her welcome has his own lips curving the smallest bit more. He feels... relaxed around Kaylee. He's only just recently met her but... he never feels as if he'll disappoint her and it's as if she's always eager to give him those welcoming, beautiful smiles. It's a bit the way he feels around Usagi and yet different at the same time. It's nice and he shakes his head as he sinks down to rest on his haunches next to her, offering the box. The faint trace of scent he can pick up from the box smells sweet and fresh and fruitish but he can only guess.]

It's for you. I'm just the delivery boy.

You're workin'? Do ya get some kinda break for lunch? I got more'n enough food here!

[ She loves sharing when she has things to share. And even when she doesn't she'll share what she can with smiles and conversation and a helping hand where it's needed.

She looks at the offered box in slight confusion. She didn't order anything else. But then the smell hits her and she quickly takes the box from his hands and opens it slowly. Oh. Oh! ]


[her invitation is enough and he'll settle down on the blanket as well, careful to keep his boots off of it. He makes his own hours and some things are worth taking time out for. Besides, he thinks this is his last delivery of the day and Tifa and the kids won't expect him home for quite a while yet. Her face when she sees what's in the box though...

He'd swear the sun just came out from behind the clouds.]

Farmer down the way gave them too me. Said they were picked just today.

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[ She looks even more excited as she reverently picks a particularly large strawberry up out of the box. ]

Try one with me!

[ Though she offers to share the strawberries she just can't wait any longer as he makes his choice. She takes a slow bite out of the strawberry and closes her eyes. Bliss. Pure bliss on a pretty day. ]

[Cloud's never been one to turn down food and he likes fruit of just about any kind so he doesn't need coaxing to take her up on the strawberry. Helping himself, he still catches the sight of her first bite and -


That's... one very happy woman.

Concentrating on his own food, he takes his own bite and settles in more comfortably. It's a perfect kind of day and the sun feels good on his shoulders, warming the ache in his arm. Almost to himself he says:]

I need to remember to stop by that farm more often.

[ She slowly eats the strawberry in (relative) silence and it's only when she's done that she answers. ]

Ya sure do. I wouldn't mind seein' where that farm is. 'cept it's much nicer gettin' 'em delivered by you. I get to share.

[his smile peeks out as her remark. There's something about her pleasure at seeing him that makes him feel as if he really is worth being happy about seeing. The grunt he gives hides his own pleasure at that and he finishes his own strawberry, throwing the green out into the field where the smaller animals will find and enjoy it themselves. If they're lucky, it will lure in some rabbits. He thinks she'd like seeing rabbits.]

I'll make it a point then. Weekly strawberry delivery to the middle of a field at lunch time.

[ She also lightly tosses the green bit out onto the grass. As she plucks another one out of the box she smiles at him. ]

I wouldn't go sayin' no to eatin' these strawberries more'n one day a week. But that's still a real fine idea. It'll be more special.

Next time, I'll bring enough to hold you over for a few days.

[they make her happy and that feels good. Some days he forgets why he does this job. But then he'll do something right, deliver something that makes someone else happy or that they've been waiting for and, seeing their faces, it will remind him all over again why he goes out and plays hero for strangers.

It eases the guilt about not being able to be the hero his family needs.

Pulling one knee up so he can rest an arm over it, he tilts his head to the sky to enjoy the feel of the sun and the smell of green, growing things. Almost to himself, but also to her, he murmurs:]

I should bring the kids out here sometime. They'd like it.

[ She laughs. ] Sure if ya think I'm not gonna go eatin' 'em all the first day I got 'em. I suppose I could go rationin' 'em out to myself.

[ She's pulled away from the clouds, and even the strawberry held delicately in her hand, by his quiet statement. ] Ya got kids? Shiny! I bet they'd have all manner of fun runnin' 'round here.

I had fun runnin' 'round my folks' ranch an' that barely had any grass on it. But it was fun gettin' all dirty.

Hm. Marlene is six. Denzel's ten. They're - not mine.

[even if a stubborn part of him quietly insisted that they were.]

I just help look after them. A little. Tifa does most of the work.

[yes, he feels guilty but at least Tifa knows what she's doing. He's pretty fail at the whole 'daddy' idea as far as he's concerned. At least the kids seem willing to forgive a myriad of faults]

They're good kids.

[the edges of his lips pull upward, just for a moment, as he looks at the woman next to him.]

Something warns me you were trouble as a little girl though.

Oh they're still just lil' things. [ She didn't pry on why they weren't his. ]

Well ya still do somethin' an' that's real nice of ya. An' you're even thinkin' of places to bring 'em to for a nice day.

[ She looks the picture of innocence but she laughs. ] Oh my daddy beat me sometimes. Sneakin' off with boys. Gettin' into things I shouldn't go gettin' into.

But I helped out a lot too. Fixin' the equipment, 'specially the stuff my daddy always had a harder time with on account of him havin' such big hands.

[oh, Cloud has plenty of experience with girls that look cute and innocent and are devious as Ifrit on the inside. These days he just tends to assume everyone female is secretly evil and plotting against him - in the nicest possible way. The one next to him laughs though and so he takes the 'beating' thing as the usual kind of punishement kids get and not something a lot worse. She seems too pleased with it. At her end comment though he looks down at her hands - and they still seem pretty small to him. He's seen her work though, just a little, and he knows she's capable enough to give even Cid a run for his gil most likely. His head shifts, just a little, as he half asks, half states:]

You were close with your father growing up?

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