one passing night

the evening is spread out against the sky

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Scene 1 ♫ Ship of Dreams
kadonamonkey wrote in onepassingnight
[If there ever was a ship qualified to sail the skies in the lands of someone's dreams it was none other then the Prima Vista.  With it's golden towers and stained glass windows and the luxurious elaborate decor ordaining each of the ships graceful curves.  It wasn't gaudy though, no not by any means.  It was a true work of art, and a real classy lady.  She was a high maintenance sort of gal though, though each one of the band of thieves and actors that called her their home would agree she was more then worth all the work to keep her sparkling.

Today the Prima Vista was entertaining guests as it made a slow loop around a beautiful deep blue lake under a bright and cloudless sky.  The guests were nobles from Alexandria perhaps, there to enjoy a brief one day cruise on the legendary ship.  The Prima Vista never allowed guests on board like this though so it was a touch odd, but such is the nature of dreams.

A youth with golden hair and a monkey's tail by the name of Zidane was currently engaged in entertaining a small group of people.  Being the center of attention was one of his favorite things to do after all (right after flirting with cute girls that is).  He was balanced upon the ship's golden railing and performing a dazzling if alarming series of flips and tumbles.  Despite the fact that in such a place one small slip could have sent him tumbling off into the water blow he showed not a hint of hesitation, and even laughed and winked at any lovely young lady who happened to walk by.]

(ooc: Intro for Zidane~)

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[Yuffie would have already puked over everything here.

It's the thought that's lodged in his head as he stands by an empty railing. He's not looking at the world moving past below him though. He's smarter than that. Even if his motion sickness isn't as bad as it once was.

He prefers leaving the being sick to Yuffie.

He's not watching anything in particular but from the edge of his vision there's movement. It's vaguely familiar but he can't place it and it's only somewhere in the edge of his mind to try to.

He's pretty sure he'd remember meeting someone with a cleverly faked monkey tail before.]

no worries! I was having computer issues again anyways orz of a different sort

[Cleverly faked he says. This cleverly faked monkey tail can search all of a fellow's pocket in under a minute or so, just so you know.

He catches sight of an oddly familiar face in the corner of his eye as well. One that's a little more then just vaguely familiar, and one he never expected to see in 'his world' he was happy enough to cut the act a bit short even.]

Chocobo-boy! Over here!

fie on computer troubles - fie on them, I say!

[he's already turning at the sound of the name, old habit ingrained thanks to years of hearing it in taunting or teasing voices before he catches himself and stops. His name is not chocobo-boy and the unconscious scowl sets in as he realizes he was answering to it anyway.

Still... the alternative to ignore it doesn't even lodge in his head and so this time his turn to search for the caller of the name is more deliberate.

It's the kid with the fake monkey tail.

Why, somewhere deep in his gut, does he get the impression he's suddenly in over his head?]

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