one passing night

the evening is spread out against the sky

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[epic rage] dammit don't come any closer
tiniestoverlord wrote in onepassingnight
[For some people, being on an island paradise full of lovely ladies with very curvy figures is something beyond even their wildest dreams.

For Laharl, it's the worst nightmare that could've been dreamt.

It seems innocuous enough: the sun is shining brightly, the sand is white and soft underneath your feet, and there is an abundance of...particularly endowed girls having fun underneath the sun. However, before you can even get around to enjoying it, a blood-curdling scream pierces the air. Clearly, someone doesn't see this as paradise.]


((OOC: ...Well, it's canon. Laharl has a phobia of women with big breasts. If you happen to be one, expect even more screaming.))

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no resisting a post like this!

[he's not sure why he's in his original game old ex-SOLDIER outfit or how he ended up on a beach. The bandages on his arm are firmly in place though and he can feel the ache under them and the heavy iron bracer. It steals his attention away from the well-endowed women for a long moment and when he does notice them, he's more puzzled by the lack of any men in the area than their chest sizes on the girlsTifa's long since broken him when it comes to bust sizes and women.

Still the sun feels good and reminds him a little of Costa del Sol and he's just thinking about relaxing when he hears the scream.

Cue sprint down the beach to find out who's being torn limb from limb by monsters.]

Edited at 2011-09-22 07:07 am (UTC)

[...Not exactly torn limb from limb, though the way he's trying to get away from all those lovely women makes it seem that way.]

D-Don't come any closer! STAY AWAY!!

I've been looking for an excuse to jump in one of your posts ;)

[he's primed for a fight -

but all he sees are a bunch of girls. Without weapons. Or anywhere to conceal them...

They seem pretty harmless looking actually. But the... strange little man seems pretty upset about something. Maybe it's something Cloud's not aware of?

Maybe the little guy's had one too many tropic mixed drinks?

So Cloud's hand will stay on the hilt of his sword as he asks calmly:]

What exactly are you scared of?

What do you think?!

[you're just going to get a look bitty guy.

oh, and a very, very dry:]

Sand fleas?

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