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the evening is spread out against the sky

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Mission 002 || going back to my origins
++ turn it around ++
mr_fix_em wrote in onepassingnight
[While everyone else is having typical, family-oriented dreams, you may notice this one in particular to be... a little unusual. First of all, Ratchet isn't quite Ratchet today.

First off, he's naked.

Second, he's not grinding away at one of his typical projects.

If anyone were to approach this creature out in the grassy field, they may find him lounging about - whether he's scratching at his ears, grooming himself, or just darting around trying to catch even more odd creatures roaming the wilderness. He might even have one in his mouth!

Oh, but don't piss off the little blue guys, either. Word to the wise.]

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Fenrir ran out of gas. Cloud's not sure how Fenrir ran out of gas but there it is, parked by the side of the road, making cooling ticking noises while he sits in the grass next to it, PHS in hand. It's going to be a long walk to Kalm and Cloud's still hoping that someone will call him back and save him the trip. The one time he wants to actually hear someone else's voice and all he got was voice mail.

He could call it irony but he's trying not to think about things like Fate and kicking him in the butt at the moment.

Instead he's got his eyes vaguely narrowed because he's never seen a critter like... that before...

dang it, i was just about to bed. YOU ARE IRRESISTABLE.

Someone else came to visit?

He'd thought the rumbling had been his own, or that of one of the wandering Protopets, but the smaller creatures were keeping a pretty good distance for the time being and his hearing wasn't that advanced, even in this form. So the Lombax lifts his head from the grass, oversized ears turning in the direction of the noise. Then, a bit lazily, the catlike alien stretches wide, padding over to the unknown stranger.

Managing to get close to the large black thing - hoverbike, Ratchet. Hoverbike. - he stops, lionlike tail swishing in the grass in a moment of conflict.

Turn around and go back, or investigate further?

His hand goes to the hilt of his sword that's resting flat in the grass next to him when the... critter approaches. He's not sure what it is really. He's never seen a monster like it before. It doesn't act like a monster either. Instead of charging in, he watches it... kind of mosey its way over.

He's never known a monster to mosey before.

It kind of reminds him of Red XIII too and so he doesn't shift or move into a defensive position even if he doesn't let go of his sword either. Instead he'll curiously watch it, watching him, and not make any moves to startle it.

If it tries to eat him because it thinks he's a chocobo though it's all over but the shouting.

Ratchet has no will or drive to kill the man or rip at his flesh.

Though his features were definately more animalistic than normal, he still had the same mind, the same, sane bounds that made him what he was. And it's because of this that he bravely trots over, giving an odd Lombax-version of a smile.

So when Cloud lifts his sword, the creature moves to the back of the vehicle, grabbing up a weapon of his own. It's not to strike, or to even begin a fight with the newcomer. The guy seemed friendly enough, and the Lombax was more than willing to offer a helping hand.

But what is it he even picked up...?

The hell if Cloud knows what the cat... dog... thing picked up. It looks like a hammer... ax? It's hard to tell. Truthfully though he's a little surprised the thing's capable of picking anything up at all. That's - a lot more dexterity than he's used to, even from Red. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be brandishing the weapon... thing. And he would swear that teeth baring looked more like a grin than a snarl. Then again, Cloud knows he often missed human social cues so he doesn't have a lot of faith in his ability to decipher - uh, critter ones. Still, worse comes to worse, he just ends up a little mauled and it's probably saying something that he can dismiss that as 'not the first time'. Willing to give it a shot, he carefully let's go of his sword, leaving it in the grass and lifting his hand away from it. Blue eyes watching the cat critter to see what it does.

If Cloud thinks he's going to attack, then the Lombax lowers his own weapon carefully in the grass. The dirt gives a soft crunch under the tempered metal and spring-loaded tip, one that had ended many a Blargian's life that year or two ago.

Aqua eyes lock onto blues, the furry Lombax rising up again to pad closer to the man. It's a slow, careful movement - he knows the other won't attack by now - trying to prove that he won't suddenly lash out out and claw at that bare skin. He isn't even sure how he has claws other than on his feet, but he'll just peg it down to the weirdness of the dream.

He's... never quite seen a creature like him before. Maybe he has, but he can't quite remember.

Trying to reassure his new friend, one oversized paw gently rises to rest on the man's arm, that grin never fading. And whether Cloud hears it or not, a single, simple name will appear in his mind.


He watches the - ah, hell, he's just going to label it a critter and stop trying to guess species - the critter pad over and it's not a feral kind of padding either. There's a measured quality to the movement, as if the creature is conscious of the situation and reacting appropriately. Which is more delicacy than monsters usually seem to have. So Cloud keeps his muscles tense and ready for action but he holds still, even when that big furry paw heads his way.

There's no rip of flesh though, no sudden lunge for his exposed throat with those big teeth. Instead it's almost a companionable gesture, which makes Cloud's pale brows draw down over his eyes. There's - a lot of intelligence in that critter's gaze when it meets his. And then his eyebrows jerk slightly.

"Ratchet?" That's - "You need a ratchet?"

Because - sure. Why the hell not? Weird furry little critters with huge ears use tools all the time. Except in the not at all kind of way. Still - this would hardly be the weirdest thing that ever happened to him. It might not even make it into the top fifty.

Ratchet shakes his furry head calmly, letting his paw drop down to the grassy field for a moment, to allow himself to sit on his hind legs. Then, the paw comes up again, to press against his chest. Those aqua eyes never leave the man's, as friendly as a wild cat can manage.

Ratchet. I'm Ratchet.

Yes, Cloud. His name is Ratchet. He can't quite give a detailed explaination on it, having been too young to remember at the time, but it's also... felt odd to him. Always seemed to be something missing.

Eh, whatever. He'd been the one to name Clank, after all. What was the harm?

It's then that those oversized ears prick up, intent on listening to the man's response. The paw comes down again, both now resting in front of him. And he nudges his head again, a soft growl rumbling out of the strange new body.

How 'bout you, pal?

Cloud's watching and there aren't lips moving - but he's still hearing a voice in his head. Which - is a little too familiar for him to weird out about exactly but it's still a strange feeling. He's not sure he likes anyone else in his head - it's crowded enough as is. Still, it helps him understand what's going on so -

"Your name is Ratchet." Hey, Cloud's not one to judge when it comes to names. The way the critter's acting he's not even sure if it's a pet or more on the level of Red. For safety's sake he's going to assume Red-style until indicated otherwise. Tentative, he'll reach out and rest a gloved hand on that wide head.

"I'm Cloud." And, after a minute: "Do you live out here?"

Ah, now, see Cloud? You can't say anything about him having a weird name.

And usually, he's pretty adverse to being pet or cuddled like he really was some kind of animal, but Cloud's been cool so far so he'll allow it. His ears fold back, partially glad for the contact after being here all this time, but still awkward to have another guy doing it.

Hos before bros, buddy.

Nnnot exactly. I'm not even in the right galaxy right now. He shrugs his shoulders a bit, sitting up straight. But this place is pretty special - it's the first new world me and Clank traveled to.

So it was a less-than-stellar landing and the ship he'd spent years working on was blown to smithereens in mere seconds. They eventually found a new one!

--and I'm pretty sure those Protopets don't belong in this galaxy, either.

bubs before hottubs... no, wait. That's not right either

Cloud squints his eyes a little at the voice that's still rolling along inside his skull but he listens. It sounds... furry. Inside his head.

Marlene would love this - Ratchet.

His attention sparks a bit though.

"You've been to Gaia before?"

The Lombax grins in response, once again shaking that big furry head. As far as he's known, none of the planets he'd visited were called 'Gaia' - unless this was another name for one of 'em. There were still so many places in the Bogon Galaxy he hadn't been yet!

Nnnnope. Unless you know how to get there? Maybe it was this guy's homeworld or something. And if we can take a ship off Novalis as it is. It's been hard getting anywhere without these little guys snapping at our heels.

And speak of the Snagglebeast, there was one now. The catlike creature jerks away in response to the Protopet's fangs, nudging it in the face to get it to back off.

C'mon, we should find higher ground.

Cloud's eyes narrow to a squint as he tries to follow along with what the furry voice is saying inside his head.

"We're on Gaia. Unless Fenrir can travel through space and I think I would have noticed."

Except he doesn't remember any Ratchet animals on Gaia or those weird fuzzy things with the feet either...

...shit. He hates it when dreams don't make sense.

But he'll stand up entirely at Ratchet's suggestion, bringing his sword with him to sling it over his shoulder. A pause and a worried look at his precious bike though.

"Do they eat metal?"

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