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Interlude V - [The Fifth Dream]
Of the human cannonball
rhapsody_onfire wrote in onepassingnight
[Everything hurt.

Genesis couldn't believe that even here, in her dreams, her body hurt. She remembered, fully, what had happened before she lost consciousness and fell into her dreams. For how long, she didn't know. She also didn't know if she would ever wake up this time.

In the waking world, she had decided to do more than work on the orchard and looked into fighting monsters for money. Mercenary work asked little questions, after all. And with the right outfit, no one would know who she was. But after the first few successful (and pricey) hunts, the experienced mercenaries had been getting suspicious of her skills.

Today proved them right. They teamed up for an exceptionally hard monster (though Genesis had known she could fight it off on her own) and intentionally sabotaged the job and she'd been injured severely. Before she could cast her magic to cure herself, they'd torn off her sunglasses and her hat, revealing her red hair and Mako blue eyes. Red hair was a bit of a rarity on Gaia. And her eyes gave away just who she was. Her injuries didn't stem from just the monster now and she had used up all of her magic to cast as many Protects as possible.

Last thing she remembered was lying in the snow near Icicle Inn. Were anyone to find her and help her, it would probably be a miracle. For now, she sat in the middle of Midgar, on LOVELESS Avenue. She sat, curled up in a bloodied and broken ball at the corner, being overlooked by everyone. Just like she had wanted in the waking world.

Now, she just wanted a potion or two.]

[[OOC: So yeah, Genesis got caught and beaten up. Unoriginal and all that, I know. But I needed to post something ;; I hope it's taggable regardless, though!]

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There's a strange feeling of nostalgia for the ex-SOLDIER as he walks down the street. Overhead the sky is black, tinted with green and everywhere the air's a little thick and has a distinct tang bite to it that he recognizes as mako residue. It doesn't bother him though. He's ex-SOLDIER and they make those too tough to be bothered by a slightly off smell. In fact, not much bothers this particular mercenary and he likes it that way. He's not in his line of work for emotional reasons. That would imply caring.

that would imply being able to be hurt

No. He's here because Midgar is where the money is - and where the ugly is - and he's able to find work when a place is that way.

that and... he's looking... and he doesn't know what for...

What he doesn't care about is the bedraggled figure curled up in the corner. He can smell the blood on them and his eyes, glowing in the dimness, focus and then move on. Not his problem.

Except... something about the red jacket tugs at him and before he knows it, he's standing there, looking emotionlessly down at the figure and debating whether to toe them with his boot or not.

"Hey." His voice is low and flat - and vaguely annoyed. He's not sure where the next words come from. "You need help?"

Genesis looked up and snorted softly. Cloud was annoyed with her now? Great.

Then again, this was just a dream, so who knew if this was the Cloud she had been talking to. This whole dream thing was just so annoying at times.

She shivered and curled in farther. "That depends on what you're help would be."

She had gotten a few other offers for help, but they had asked for payment in return and they were not of anything favorable.

One hand finds a hip. It's a Zack move and yet it's entirely off, the move a little too studied, the way he stands a little too youthfully loose, and yet it seems to come utterly naturally to him, this stilted not-rest stance. No compassion, or recognition, sparks in his eyes. If anything he looks bored... and a little annoyed. As if that's his permanent expression.

"Help would be hauling you somewhere helpful and throwing a potion on you or two if you could pay for it. You want any other kind of help - it'll cost a lot more than a potion."

His face looks too young to be aware of other forms of 'help'... but he is in Midgar. His eyes certainly don't show any innocence left to be stolen.

She is rather taken aback as how Zack-like Cloud was acting right now. Just what was going on here?

"I would rather not be hauled around, thank you. Just a potion would do," She sad softly, reaching up to wipe from blood from her lips. "Exactly what other help do you believe I need?"

He does look too young to be aware of that sort of thing, but her curiosity was peaked and she decided she may as well keep this up for now.

"You're a girl," he says it as if that's a foreign species, not just another version of his own. Both shoulders shrug, complete with hands raised slightly. Again, a Zack move that's done entirely wrong, a little too slow, a little too much pause before it's done. And again he gives no indication that it's not perfectly natural for him to move that way. "Who knows what you need."

And then he's reaching into the bottomless pockets of the SOLDIER uniform pants he's wearing and for just a moment, it's entirely a Cloud move, too simple and efficient for Zack's more cheerful flair. His hand comes out with a potion, low level from the murky color but healing to a degree all the same. He holds it, gives it a shake - and doesn't make any move to offer it.

"So you got the gil on you for this or not?"

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