one passing night

the evening is spread out against the sky

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hisdreamsmyfate wrote in onepassingnight
One wouldn't think a place like Midgar could be this cold, much less effected by such an intense level of snow and ice coating the once-lively city. The thick, winter sky above graciously littered the land in gentle, white flakes, resting upon layers of already-compacted snow on the ground, the buildings... and something else towering above.

On the highest section of the city, upon the highest building, rested a large black dragon. And from the layers of snow covering its prone form, it was safe to say the creature hadn't budged from that spot in ages. Feathered wings were tucked behind a spiked back, green eyes bright yet sorrowful, staring down at the crumbled memories below.

For half of his life, this city had been his home.

He'd fought for it, protected it... and now this very same city was destroying itself - the manifestation of the greed he'd been so ignorant to before. And now his friends were suffering from it as well, with very little a thing he could do. He rumbles lowly, shifting his head to the sky his spirit now occupied or was it the earth? the Planet could be both.

Little to his knowledge, there is a path of steel and rubble, leading to the structure above.

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He's making his way up that path, one heavy boot in front of the other, snow crunching under each measured footfall. He walks like a teen, loose and slightly hunched forward, head down, hair over his eyes and there's a slight scowl on his lips and between his eyebrows too. But there's no falter in his steps, not break in the slow, steady trudge. He walks as if he's walked for a thousand miles at this pace and has a thousand more to go. And he leaves a dotted trail of spattered black liquid behind him in the pristine snow. It's impossible to ignore a giant dragon but the heavy sword at his back stays in its sheath and he doesn't slow his steady walk or lift his head as he approaches.


He remembers the word that was used in a prior dream, and how much he hated hearing it.

The familiar, rancid scent is enough for the creature to lift its massive head in the direction of the newcomer, a soft growl rumbling out of its throat. He can spot the ruffle of blonde hair amongst the snow, the pained demeanor and the clothes that were still so unusual on him and yet looked as if they'd belonged there - and he relaxes. Another effect of greed, like dominoes in a Wutain shop, to lead to something like this.

So he doesn't move from his spot, doesn't leave his best friend out in the cold like this. For you, Cloud, he'll even stretch a feathered wing out to provide better warmth from the icy sting of an oncoming storm, almost wrapping completely around the entire ShinRa Building.

The growl doesn't phase him though there is an inhale at it, deep and slow, and the boot steps continue their endless rhythm toward the dragon without falter or waver. The wing snapping open brings about the first pause though and Cloud lifts his head to watch as that great darkness all but fills the sky.

For just a moment the scowl leaves his features and they're young enough to be sixteen and in unashamed awe of something magnificent and beautiful. The wing curves - and he clutches at his arm again with his good hand, head dropping, steps starting again. They hold more purpose this time, more determination though. The frown groves his face deeper, pulling his eyebrows down with it but it's a determined set. And he doesn't hunch so hard against the cold, sheltered by that giant wing as he moves ever closer up the winding path toward that giant, horned head.

He'll wait as long as he needs to for Cloud.

He's waited all this time, watching the world shift and change around him, people grow and... alright. Maybe not mature but they were still different from when he'd last stepped a solid foot on the ground. And he isn't tired, either, so Cloud will continue to be protected from the wind, even after he arrives.

For the time being, he decides to watch his friend, keeping an eye out for any assistance that may be needed. Because even in death, he would never leave his friend out in the cold.

Cloud's measured steps lead him right up to the great dragon and they come to a stop with a measure of finality. As if they won't be starting again. He doesn't say anything for a long time, head raised to look out at the world spread, dead and cold below them and if anything, his shoulder curl inward just a little more at the sight of it. When he finally does speak, it's hard to tell if he knows it's Zack in dragon form next to him or if he just accepts the presence of a dragon as natural for this setting.

"We tried to save it. I guess it's always been too late though, huh?"

"It was on a downward spiral from the start."

The voice comes easily, soft and sad. And it's a familiar one, even in death, but with the overlay of a hissing volcano, or the light gust of wind within a rainstorm. It's more than human, and yet very much so at the same time. He doesn't like seeing what his home becomes, or what the cause of it had been, but the past, and the future, can't be changed. With all of the knowledge he was gaining, all he could do with it was watch.

The titanic body lays down gently, nudging his best friend closer in the smallest bubble of warmth within an unforgiving terrain.

"But I guess it's still home, no matter how you look at it. That's why it's hard to watch."

At the voice, his blue eyes finally shift to the beast next to him, a little wider but it's not fear and after a minute the pale eyebrows come down over his eyes again. Awkward, he lets himself be nudged closer, still holding his tainted arm protectively, but it seems to be more an effort to keep it from touching anything than from being touched.

After a minute, his eyes do lift again and this time it's to look at the sky. It watches it, puzzled, and then looks back at the buildings with a closer glance this time. When he asks his question, it's obvious he's been realizing the answer isn't what he thought it was.

"What did this?"

The creature gives a dismissive snort, a puff of frosted air appearing around its nostril. "If you don't know by now, Cloud, then you really haven't been payin' attention." The tone, however, comes out more amused than anything. Silly Cloud, always missing the obvious.

Adjusting himself so that the ShinRa Building could be seen more - though still managing to keep his friend protected from the snow - his massive head nods downwards to their perch. The company that had started it all, that had created the snowball to tumble down that steep incline.

"What did everything, of course."

"But I - "

His chin tucks but his eyes are clearer and more aware as they scan the area again and come to rest on the obvious ShinRa logo.

"But they don't exist anymore, Zack. They fell apart during Meteor. Reeve and WRO run things now. The reactors are all dead."

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